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Welcome to Pick The Mind Podcast with your host Chet Banks. Its been work, but I've enjoyed every minute of it. I hope you enjoy!!  Much love!

Jun 27, 2018

A man possessed by a werewolf, a mysterious death, and paranormal activity of Esther Cox... Tune in as we discuss some mysterious cases that seem to plague some of us unfortunate souls! Paranormal activity, scary stuff!

Jun 23, 2018

If I were to do stand up... 

Jun 20, 2018

We dive into all 50 states with a brief ghost story from each one followed up by my amazing impromptu ghost story... hah yeah.. right.. Listen for your state, maybe you have heard about this story before. ooooohhhhhh! ahh!

Jun 13, 2018

Tune in as we pick the minds behind ghost stories! Creepy shadows... grab a cup of joe.. the only thing missing is a campfire!

Jun 10, 2018

Lets tune in knowledge noggins... to part 2 of The Tragedy of Syd Barrett.. a genius man.. a great artist.  Yep.  Muh F***  :)